Upcoming Events


All events for the time being are subject to COVID-19 status. Please consider supporting us financially.

January to July Annual Events

Dates: March 2021

Venue: Midmar Dam, KwaZulu-Natal

Theme: Aquelle Midmar Mile School Swimmers


Contact:  Cindy Jackman

Schools swim to raise funds. We are looking for a school to adopt us as a charity for their Midmar Mile Swim.

Please contact Cindy Jackman if your school would like to get involved and make a difference.

Dates: March 2021

Venue: Midmar Dam, KwaZulu-Natal

Theme: 8 Mile Club Midmar Mile Swim 

Contact: Cindy Jackman

Please consider swimming the Aquella Midmar Mile swim and raise funds for The Village Safe haven through the 8 Mile Charity Club.  The 8 Mile Club continuous support to the Safe Haven Village has been exceptional.  The 8 Mile Club can be found on Facebook.

Date: 21st June 2021 - This is the longest day in the year which is a fun fact!

Venue: The student team leader will represent their school.  

Theme: Sneakers & Slippers Day for R20 per person

Contact: Cindy Jackman

Each student Team Leader, representing their school, sells the concept of each student having the option (not compulsory) to buy a ticket for R20 on or before the day in exchange for a sticker.  The R20 is the same  price as buying a loaf of bread for someone which shows the value of a loaf of bread.  As the students enter the school premises on the event day, they get to wear their purchased sticker and their SNEAKERS OR SLIPPERS for that one day at school. Please email Cindy for the details.  This concept can be done to earn community hours.

Date: 18th July 2021

Venue: Cnr Bridge Road & Alison Ave

Theme: July Mandela Day Market

Contact:Michael Harris 082 370 6991

  • Selected with Care.  Made with Love.  Our homemade goodies are sure to interest you.
  • Banana Bread R40 per loaf, Melon Pieces in Syrup R40, Buttermilk Rusks R60 per KG
  • Carrot Cake R160, Home made Tomato Sauce R40, Strawberry Jam R40
  • Friendship Bracelets for R50 to R30 each
  • Bed sock R30 per pair
  • We are collecting knitted squares 20cm X 20cm (35 to 40 stitches). Fold the square in half diagonally to see if your square is even.  Please drop your squares off at The Village when collecting your mini market items.
  • Please Whatsapp pre-orders to Michael Harris

October to December Annual Events

Date: 4th September 2021 from 10h00 to 12h30

Venue: The Village Safe Haven or Your Home

Theme: Spring Tea and Family Braai Day

Contact: Cindy Jackman

  • Tables of 8 to 10 are sold at R100 per head. Please email Cindy, your booking request to reserve a table.  Invoices can be provided upon request.
  • Once you have reserved your table, Cindy will email you an electronic invitation to share with your table guest and guidelines that we suggest to make your tea successful.  Decorating your table is part of the fun.
  • All funds rasied go towards The Village Safe Haven.
  • This little really needs your support after a grueling year.  Thank you for your support.  All tables will be socially distanced.

Date: 21st November 2021

Venue: TBA

Theme: 947 Ride Joburg - Team Village Safe Haven

947 Ride Joburg is an incredible platform for recognising non-profit organisations and making it possible to raise funds for the extraordinary work that they do. COVID-19 has brought unexpected and unforeseen challenges that have made it nearly impossible for countless charity foundations to raise the necessary funds to stay afloat. 947 Ride Joburg created the Ride for a Purpose initiative to support selected non-profit organisations by inviting 500 riders to join us on an outride to celebrate life and cycling while raising funds for a worthy cause.

Contact: Amanda de Wet | 082 851 8442

TO REGISTER:  Team VSH riders need to register and pay for their entries:  Then please email Amanda your name and ID number.  You will then be added to Team VSH via a web portal. You will receive a team shirt so be sure to include your cycle shirt size when emailing Amanda.  Amanda will offers the AMAZING service of collecting all Team VSH race packs from the Dome on Thursday before race day. 

A Team VSH get together is hosted on the Thursday before the Sunday race day, at The Village. 

Our charity start time is usually between 08h30 and 09h15 (The start times will only be released after entries close and may change).

Please reference YOUR donation payments as follows: NAME + SURNAME + 947 (e.g. AMANDA DE WET 947) 

Should a Tax Certificate be required, we need the following info:  Name: That must appear on tax certificate, Address: Where the name on the tax certificate resides, Proof of Payment.

Dont forget to Pedal Hard!!

Date: 1st to  16th December 2021

Venue: DROP OFF at The Village Safe Haven

Theme: Santa's combined Christmas Gifts and Christmas Dinner Menu Collection

Contact:  Susan Harris

Contact: Cindy Jackman

Please email Sue or Cindy for the Christmas Collection gift list and or for the Christmas Dinner Menu in order to avoid any duplications.

PLEASE could all Christmas donations can be dropped at The Village by the 16 December in order for us to check that everyone has a little something .

We appreciate your support and say a VERY BIG THANK YOU!



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